Dr. Sobhi Basheer

sobhi bsheerDr. Basheer, CEO and founder of the company, is a leading expert in the domain of enzyme technology. He is a co-founder of the R&D center The Galilee Society .

Dr. Basheer founded Zeituna, a company that developed an enzymatic process for the solidification of oils for the food industry. He also founded Enzymotec, which develops, produces, and markets biofunctional lipid ingredients worldwide, based on an innovative enzyme technology.

Dr. Basheer served as a member of the scientific committee for the Technology Incubators at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Israel. He serves as a member of other scientific committees in the industry, as well as in government institutions.

Dr. Basheer received his D.Sc. in biotechnology (enzymology) from the Technical Institute of Switzerland (ETH-Z). His research work included a two-year post-doctoral term at the National Food Research Institute in Tsukuba, Japan, followed by a second two-year post-doctoral term at the Faculty of Food Engineering and Biotechnology at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.